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    PLAY DEAD LONDON is an interactive theatrical extravaganza, where the audience play the detectives and solve the murder by digging for clues through watching the interactions between the characters and getting their hands dirty by interviewing the shady suspects themselves.

    London's Premier Immersive Murder Mystery Company

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    The story of Play Dead London started almost by accident when our creator and Artistic Director, Emma Crocombe, conceived the idea of first murder mystery event as a fundraiser for an upcoming trip to Bangalore to work with Limited Resources Teacher Training.

    Over the next three months, little did she know that she would be creating an unforgettable murder mystery company with her talented friends. On Saturday 28th April 2018 - Play Dead London was born with their first murder mystery ‘Murder at Big G’s Speakeasy’, Big G actually being the nickname for her dad!



    Now we are growing and building on our series of murder mystery events.


    In response to COVID-19 we have moved our mysteries to ONLINE! We have LOVED connecting to new audiences and hope that our audiences have enjoyed the changes as much as we have!




    Want to know what it's like on one of our online Murder Mysteries??


    Here is our July 2021 promo video! Enjoy!



    Want to know what it's like at one of our in-person Murder Mysteries?? How about this video of our show 'Scream all about it' for Children with Cancer UK.




    Superb! From the seamless technology to the excellent writing and of course the convincing performances. Outstanding event and our thanks to the team for providing this entertainment at a time we all need it! My 8 year old was suitably impressed by the effects and we were drawn into the adventure and mystery. Highly recommend and good luck to the team for all future projects.

    Space: The FATAL Frontier - Online Mystery


    I was so impressed how the actors performed in the venue, around the audience and included the audience throughout. It felt immersive, even though it wasn't. The actors were fantastic and excellent throughout the Q&A moments and really kept the audience guessing the whole time! Would definitely recommend for a great night out!

    SCREAM all about it - In Person Mystery


    BEST MURDER MYSTERY EVER! This acting group are incredible. I booked it for my mum’s birthday (you can get individual tickets or contact them for an event) and it blew us away and we loved every second. They’re so talented and funny and the murder mystery and characters are so well done. We got family and friends from all over the world on the zoom call and everyone can’t stop talking about how brilliant it was. Really something special. Book, book, book if you can - you’ll be in for a treat! Thanks all involved for making my mum’s birthday so special.

    Wish you WEREN'T here - Online Mystery


    From our audiences...

  • Our Mysteries

    Our selection of 'Stock' events - which one will you book?

    Play Dead London - Murder at Big G's Speakeasy

    Space: The FATAL Frontier


    A Mystery BEYOND our UNIVERSE!

    4 or 5 Suspect

    The year is 2315. The Galaxy Spacecraft Atlantic has started its self-destruct sequence, Captain Robert Anderson and his crew were forced to evacuate the ship....Captain’s escape pod didn’t launch – the four remaining crew members are on their way back to Earth....


    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Drownton Abbey!


    A murder most polite!

    4 Suspects

    The aristocrats at Drownton Abbey are ready to welcome in the Christmas festivities with their annual party, but an hour before the guests are due to arrive Lord Rivers has been found dead! Can you solve the mystery before it's too late?

    Play Dead London- Scream All About It

    Wish you WEREN'T here!


    A 90s Summer Mystery!

    4 Suspects

    It’s summer, 1991 and at Cheeseman’s Holiday Park in Beachy Stone, the summer is just ending and Barry Cheeseman wants to make some changes to his park, bring in something new....A LASER QUEST! But not everyone is happy with these changes.


    Who has caused Barry Cheeseman to have a tragic accident and end up in the kid's ball pool?

    Play Dead London - Contestants!

    Contestants! Please go to the Di(e)ary Room!


    Tension at the Reality TV Studios!

    4 Suspects

    It's 2000 and the brand new reality show "We're Watching You' is just about to reach it's climatic finale! Kim Kingston is ready to announce the winner and the final contestants have now assembled....well almost all of them, Dan Harrington hasn't turned up.....

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    A Deadly Dose


    A Victorian Murder Mystery!

    7 Suspects

    The year is 1879 and you are all invited to the autopsy of Jacob John Canning. American businessman, who spends a lot of his time in the East End of London. But something is wrong....very wrong. It appears that Canning's death wasn't natural causes....


    This immersive experience allows people to explore the streets of London in this online mystery!

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Shake, Rattle & ROASTED!


    Come and join us in the 1950s!

    4 Suspects

    Welcome to Magnolia High School, it's Spring 1958 and the kids at the school have just been at their Junior Prom. The night has not ended the way they wanted, Gloria Summers, Prom Queen and all-American golden girl of Magnolia High has been found electrocuted at the county fair in the dead of night. Only 4 kids saw what happened.....

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    (DEAD) Man Overboard!


    A little mystery on the high seas!

    4 Suspects

    Welcome aboard 'The Agatha', a luxury cruise show. One of the ship's entertainers, comedian Max Maverick is about to make a splash, and not the good kind! We need you to find out how The Agatha has ended up with a (Dead) Man Overboard!

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Mistletoe and Die!


    Bringing it back to the 1990s!

    8 Suspects

    It's CHRISTMAS 1996! Channel Awesome are celebrating their first year broadcasting on the small screen. Alistair Beauchamp, owner of Channel A has arranged the end of year Christmas party. What could go wrong?

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die



    Set in 2024 at a Super Hero Nursery!

    5 Suspects

    Being a parent of a super hero its HARD, especially when the nursery that your child is at Flying High is run by Bruno Hollingsworth - a fame hungry businessman who is out for himself and all he can steal. For one of the members of POSKA - the Parents of Super Kids Association it has all become too much...

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Murder, Shaken not Stirred!


    A 1920's Murder Mystery!

    10 Suspects

    Welcome to Big G's, an underground Speakeasy, run by big time gangster Harry Garrison. He has mighty nice friends, but mighty not so nice enemies.... and on a night raid things take a turn for the worse.... But at whose hands?

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Scream All About It!


    Cut throat world of London publishing in the 80s!

    6 or 10 Suspects

    We are at the wake of Bobbie Davenport, the cut-throat, sharp-talking editor of the 'Views of the World' (with shoulder pads to die for!) has suddenly passed away. But who is responsible for her 'accidental' death?

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    Les MURDERables


    MURDER on the streets of Paris!

    4 Suspects

    It's June 4th 1832, the eve of the June Rebellion and an army students are preparing to go beyond the barricades and fight against the government! But there is a problem, Pierre Albert, a student in the rebellion army has murdered, and time is running out.....

    Play Dead London - Mistletoe and Die

    SLAYbourhood Watch!


    A 1980s Virtual Mystery!

    4 Suspects

    Welcome to Chelsea - It's 1985 and the residents of Alexandra Square invite you to their neighbourhood watch meeting - but Dominic Darlington at number 4 won't be joining the meeting. He died in a tragic accident the week before.....but was it really an accident? We need YOU to solve the case and find out what really happened!

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    Team Building - Corporate Events - Birthday Parties - Fundraising

    Play Dead London Event Hosts - Children with Cancer UK and Little Nan's Bar

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    • We are now catering for online and in person shows
    • Online shows start from £300 for a 4 suspect show
    • In person shows start from £1200 for a 4 suspect show
    • Online Events - use ZOOM conferencing
    • Past clients and venues include Google, LadBible, Amazon, Little Nan's Cabaret, Children With Cancer UK, The Exhibit Balham, Smudged Lipstick, The Boston Consulting Group
    • For 'Stock' Events - see 'Our Mysteries' - PDL needs at least 1 month notice
    • For Online Events - PDL needs at least 2 weeks notice
    • For Bespoke Events - PDL needs at least 3 months notice - quotes on request - please email us with your idea and we will make it come true!
    • Play Dead London (Play Dead London Limited) holds a £2 Million Public Liability Insurance Policy for all public in-person shows


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    Disclaimer: All our mysteries and characters are fictitious and are not based on any real world events or individuals - mysteries are designed to be an hour of escapism.


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